• Integrity

  • Our objective is to help our clients get the best possible deal while fully respecting the unwritten rules of the negotiating game.
  • Loyalty

  • We remain committed to support our clients’ best interests after a mandate has been completed. Any possible conflict of interest is disclosed and is discussed with our existing client base..
  • Independence

  • We are convinced that the client’s interests are better served when we give our own independent judgment – even when it is not popular.
  • Discretion

  • We assure absolute and complete confidentiality. We do not reveal the identity of our clients or the precise nature of the projects in which we are involved.
  • Results oriented

  • We deliver direct, measurable results while protecting the long-term interests of our clients.
  • Process focus

  • We evaluate a negotiation not only in terms of the outcome achieved, but also in terms of the ability to nurture and maintain a productive long-term relationship.
  • Develop client capabilities

  • Our objective is to develop negotiation skills within the client organization to the point where we are no longer needed.

DA&C - Negotiation Advisors

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