We have extensive consulting experience.

For governmental agencies and large companies in many industries, including financial services, insurance, aerospace, the automobile industry, software development, retailing, the oil industry, chemical and telecom, amongst others. The following table presents a number of representative projects we conducted.

Client Project
Oil & Gas Major Identification of potential pitfalls in negotiation and auction mechanisms used in procurement
Engineering and Construction Company Negotiation of a layoff compensation package for more than 1500 employees
Entertainment Group Negotiation support for the sale of a subsidiary
European Aerospace Company Negotiation support services and designing architecture of deals with all major suppliers
Accounting firm Identify causes of adverse trend in audit fees and provide support for reversing this trend
Car Manufacturer Optimizing procurement
International Mining and Metals Group Tactical negotiation advice for annual metals pricing negotiations
Leading Oilfield Services Provider Advice on resisting price pressure from clients (oil majors)
International Mining and Metals Group Negotiation support in take-over and merger cases
Large Retailer Building negotiation capabilities
Investment bank Negotiation training
Swiss family business Family business succession planning
Engineering and Construction Company Support for negotiating an out-of-court settlement involving damages related to alleged Anti Trust violations
Online Traveling Retailer Building negotiation capabilities
Government of EU Member State Negotiation of procurement contracts
City Council Training of City Officials and staff responsible for Procurement, Facilities Management and Public Planning
Government of EU Member State Building negotiation capabilities
Consulting firms Support for obtaining mandates and negotiating fees
Insurance Company Support for settling multiple class action claims


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