We can sharpen your organization’s negotiation capabilities.

Business negotiations do not take place in a vacuum. They are embedded in ongoing business relationships. To realistically address the training needs of our corporate clients, we have developed Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™

Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ is an advanced negotiation workshop that combines face-to-face negotiations with sophisticated information technology to create a highly realistic, intense and time-effective learning experience.

As in real life, negotiations in Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ are embedded in ongoing business relationships. A state-of-the-art computer program evaluates your deals and tracks their ramifications for future dealings.

Negotiations that span years in real life unfold in just three – but very intense – days. The wealth of experience gained during Negotiation Dynamics – The Game™ will enable you to play the negotiating game with greater confidence and with superior tactical finesse.

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