• Focus

  • We are negotiation experts and have devoted our professional lives to negotiating.
  • Experience

  • We have learnt a great deal from the many savvy negotiating professionals we have dealt with over the years.
  • Pattern recognition

  • While each negotiating problem is unique, every so often insights gained in one industry may be successfully “transposed” to other industries.
  • Rigor and thought leadership

  • We draw upon and contribute to the latest research in negotiation analysis and auction theory.
  • Multi-cultural sensitivity

  • We have worked in over 30 countries on five continents.
  • Client responsiveness

  • Our level of involvement is tailored to clients needs, and may range from building clients’ negotiation capabilities, coaching, process observation, designing alternative deal structures, improving procurement organizations and practices, as well as representing the clients’ interests in negotiations.

DA&C - Negotiation Advisors

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